Mark English

I wanted to make a small post about Mark English. Mark English was a American illustrator that sadly passed away in August. I had many pieces of his on my hardrive, special thanks to the the artist Francis Vallejo who uploaded a huge volume of his work that i managed to get hold of. I have uploaded a few pieces of his that i really love. I always admired his use of mixed media and the way he sees the world

drawing from the workshop

I had a great time at the workshop at the weekend. The highlight was to see thomas demo and talk through his process and decision making. It was interesting to hear about his 30+ years working with storyboards and how that experience comes into play with his ability to push and ‘wonk’ his drawings. He teaches his Blind contour ‘not really’ technique where he looks at his subject and makes a line on the paper without looking at the paper. That method along with his great understanding of form creates wonderful results with many happy accidents. He also picks his moments of exaggeration contrasting it with representational marks i think this combination is what makes his drawings appeal to me.

i posted below a drawing of mine from the workshop. thomas touched a couple of values in places.


Tomas Fluharty Workshop.

I’m going to be attending Thomas Fluharty’s workshop later this september. I really love his drawings and his ability to characature and ‘push’ This push is something im continually trying to work on and im looking forward to getting some first hand knowledge at the workshop. The last workshop i attended was with the wonderful artist Henry Yan back in 2015. Below is a few examples of thomas’s work. I especially love his prismacolor blue pencil drawings. HIs shapes and mark making are exciting to look at.

New Blog

Here is a place where i will be sharing some studies, posting inspirational work and a few shout outs to other artists that i admire.